Located in the prestigious Conchas Chinas section of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Casa de los Amigos is a cliff side mansion that must be seen to be appreciated. If you're looking for the ultimate in a tropical getaway, you've found it here. With breathtaking panoramic views, a rooftop pool, and several balconies overlooking the Bay of Banderas, the setting could not be more ideal.

Casa de los Amigos has 4 large bedrooms, and enough living space to entertain a large number of guests. The house is also available with daily maid service, and a gourmet chef who will satisfy even the most discerning of palates.

A short walk from the house, or even shorter ride by taxi, is the charming city of Puerto Vallarta. Unspoiled by modern age tourism, Puerto Vallarta, or PV, is one of the few remaining resort areas that has retained its small town charm, while still offering the amenities that seasoned travelers have become accustomed to. Be sure to try the numerous 4 star restaurants that are tucked around the city. There are also dozens of package excursions ranging from whale watching, to riding all terrain vehicles through the countryside. For those who are interested, the nightlife of Puerto Vallarta is legendary the world over. If you'd rather take things a little more slowly, check out miles of pristine beaches or go shopping at the various silversmiths. There is simply too much to do and see in just one trip to PV!

Above is a view of the Bay of Banderas from the rooftop veranda.